Sunday, April 6, 2008

Pizzeria Uno and Pirate Ships

The weird thing about New York is if you go really far downtown near the Seaport and Battery Park City it becomes kind of... ancient.

Cobblestones echo the era of the Dutch, with old brownstones and parks with a ton of space. Public works projects run aplenty because it's a lovely combination of office workers and families in high rises. David and I smoked a bowl and ventured down there last night and totally fell in love with it. As I grow out of my obsession with being in the middle of everything, my desire to live in New York doesn't wane, but my desire to be in the middle of it does; I'm not saying I want to move to Brooklyn (God, no!) but I think living in the Financial District could be rather enjoyable. You don't have to skirt throngs of tourists on your way to get coffee in the morning, and you can get a 1 bedroom apartment for about $2,000/month, which would barely allow you a studio in the Village or SoHo. So, I think, when I get back from Paris next winter, I'm going to try to move down, downtown. Don't look at me like that. It's cool!

In other news, what's the one place you don't want to end up when you're stoned? Oh, right: POLICE HEADQUARTERS. And that's exactly where David and I stumbled into. We literally began to enter a security lockdown zone complete with gates when this policeman came out and was like "What are you guys DOING?" And we were like "Uhh... where's the sea port?" We had to walk UNDER the Brooklyn Bridge. We were so lost. But we finally made it to where cobblestones abound! As well as ships:I somehow got the idea in my stoned mind that eating at Pizzeria Uno would be like the best time ever. Um... it wasn't. We were there for 2 HOURS because the service was so awful, but we did get a free dessert because of it:Then on the way home, while walking down the Bowery, we saw this shop. Gee, I wonder why it's closed?


Marshall said...

That face is indeed super mischevious.

And I dont really want to know what a Grinder is in that context.

Jess and Josh said...

A grinder for weed! Grind it and weigh it on the scales. But what machines do they speak of?