Monday, April 7, 2008

One Love, One Sentence

One of my favorite Internet obsessions is One Sentence, a site that encourages users to submit true life stories in just a single sentence. The topics range from the humorous--a child announces he wants to work at McDonald's, Daddy said something embarrassing to his mother-in-law--to the devastating; right beside those funny anecdotes are tales of love lost, death, and anorexia (to name a few morbid topics). You can even search by tags, so if you really want to read about "cats in the way," any and all related stories are easily found.

Not that I take some sort of perverse pleasure in reading things like "I was six when I woke up next to my grandma to find that she had died in her sleep," but I do enjoy the site. I know there's no way to verify any of the stories, nor can you contact any users (you don't even have to register to submit a story of your own). But it's still nice to know that somebody else gets it, that in some lonely other corner of cyberspace, someone else also thinks that "it's easiest to fall for one you know will never like you back, simply because he doesn't know."

The fact that each story is just one sentence makes for quick, easy reading when I want to pass the time. It's also interesting to see how complex ideas can be boiled down to their basics; if nothing else, the stories make for good writing aids. No, I have yet to submit a sentence myself, but I'm sure I will eventually. In the meantime, I just read. So if you've got a free half hour at work or home or wherever, you could do much worse than check the site out--and then go back to reading this blog, of course.


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just found a new addiction