Tuesday, April 1, 2008

No, you're making yourself cry

I have to admit that my favorite thing about The Hills experience is blogging about it and reading what other media sites have to say about the show. In this way, I watch each episode carefully, keeping in mind that every ridiculous thing that comes out of Heidi's mouth will most likely end up a Gawker headline. It fills me with so much glee!

Last night was a double feature, so I settled in with some mango sorbet and Dhani and David at my side for my favorite hour of the week. Here are my observations:

1. Did anyone else notice that Lauren's hair looked like shit the entire time? It was this strange combination of greasy and frizzy, and it was always pulled back into a ponytail! What happened to the shiny curls? L.C., please lay off the straightening iron, you're beginning to look like all those girls from my high school with flattened manes and little staticky wisps sticking out at the top.

2. Stephanie Pratt is a superbitch, and I totally love her for it. She is such a two-faced manipsnape! She shit talks her own brother to his arch enemy! I totes lol'ed when she was dining with Spence in her "apartment" and started calling him "so homeless and so lame." God love Stephanie meth face. Without her, the show would be all blank stares and cocktails.

3. Lauren is an immature brat. Brody clearly has a thing for her and she sweeps him aside in the name of perpetuating drama for her reality show. Can these two just get married please? I really want to see L.C. become the Kardashians' sister-in-law. Actually, I really can't imagine anything greater than that.

4. Whitney is one of the only normal people on this show, and I am so happy for her that she's leaving the dregs of Teen Vogue behind to become a stylist. The best part was when the producers made the owner of People's Revolution look all serious and go, "You're basically making a deal with the devil." Poor Whit looked like she was going to cry. Good choice on the leather leggings, though. V. Becks would be oh so proud.

5. Lo continues to be my favorite character on the show. She is totally a feminist role model; when Lauren sinks into a Sex and the City-esque depression over one guy or another, Lo reminds her to buck up, and that guys should be so lucky to date someone as pretty and vapid as her. Even people with lattes and ugly cotton basics where their hearts should be deserve self-confidence.



Marshall said...

McCain-Pratt '08. Ruthless, bitches.

Anonymous said...

I've had to return samples to the People's Rev office that Whitney went to in New York because like 50% of the clothes we get at Lucky are by a brand under People's Rev. The office is sort of messy and up three flights of rickety stairs (I thought that maybe I had the wrong building), but they're one of the biggest fashion PR firms.