Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Joke's on me

So now you guys know my Gawker commenter name, which is like every New Yorker's deepest secret...

The ladies over at Jezebel are certainly in a jovial mood today.

I admit, when I read the very first post about Gawker Media tycoon Nick Denton turning over my favorite site to the claws of the evil Conde Nast(y), I totally bought it. I got a little misty and bitched to my roommate about it while applying makeup this morning. This text exchange even occurred:

JESS: OMG! nick denton sold jezebel to conde nasty! my world is crumbling
DAVID: ahh are you serious? why??
JESS: i don't know but i'm so upset. the amount of snark is about to drop tremendously. denton is such a greedy fuck.

But then came the myriad of posts, introducing people like Steeny Taylor-Wood, and quotes like this:

We hope that by taking the more veteran Jezebels out of their sweatpants and small studio apartments, they will be able to express their creativity and femininity in ways we haven't seen before. (I've always felt that sloppy dressing equals sloppy thinking.)

A quick read through comments on posts about the move both on Gawker and Jezebel revealed that I'm a gullible loserpants. But this really is an elaborate April Fool's joke. They even changed the masthead to read Conde Nast's Jezebel and all the links at the bottom to gross CN publications like allure.com.

Let's just say this has made me realize how thankful I am for women like Moe and Tracie, who aren't afraid to bitch and get stoned and say what real women think, not just talk about the most chic spring accessories every societal mouth breather should own.


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