Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Smileys and Sob Stories

Jess and I are weird. We're weird and stupid and we have our sick sense of humor that allows us to laugh at things like monocles, starfish, and Shenandoah. I'm not even gonna try to link those for you, because you won't find them funny and we'll just look even more silly. We were talking about how we each talk to other people the same way we talk to each other.

JOSH: like i use a smilie and they're like "hehe" i'm like "no make fun of how stupid it is"
JESS: same!!!!
JESS: thats like what i did with ned [our wonderful NYULocal editor]
JESS: with abu dhabz
JOSH: lol! "silly bitch"
JOSH: we should call him things like "reverend paul ned guy"
JOSH: and see how he handles it
JESS: we really should only be allowed to speak to each other and no one else
JESS: LOL guy!
JOSH: hey guy
JESS: hey guy thanks for the articles
JOSH: this english teacher at my school used to call people that
JOSH: then he got arrested for h/u with a student =/
JESS: yeah "guy" is rly only used by child molestors
JOSH: haha yeah
JOSH: new fave thing is "=/"
JOSH: cuz like it can mean so much
JESS: yeah i noticed
JESS: it expresses all of our insecurities so perfectly
JOSH: like "sorry i can't hang out tonight i'm gonna sit by myself and cry and OD on tylenol"
JOSH: "=/"
JESS: LOL yeah!
JOSH: or "oops forgot your birthday! =/"
hectorormano88 has gone offline.
hectorormano88 is now online. [This happens many times during the course of any given Internet conversation I have with anyone; my Internet cord is gayer than I am.]
JESS: my parents fought a lot in front of me so now i have ridiculous expectations for romantic relationships =/
JOSH: sometimes i question the way i've chosen to depend on substances to allow me to have fun and lose my inhibitions. =/ 
JOSH: i used to be friends with [fat gay person I used to be friends with] but then he turned into a heartless coke addict =/
JESS: sometimes i worry that the reason i love my dog more than my family is because i have an inherent inability to connect with other people =/
JOSH: sometimes i worry that the misshapes and ruff club pictures i've tagged of myself and put on facebook give potential boyfriends the impression that i'm just another mindless club kid, drug addict, and whore who has no interest in anything but attaining the next cheap thrill. =/
JESS: LOL!!!!!!!
JESS: can u post this convo on the blog
JOSH: yeah sure
JOSH: i think....we should maybe write for someecards
JESS: i would but sometimes i fear that my obsession with the blog illuminates my overall disgust with anything outside the digital realm =/
JOSH: we're gonna run this joke into the ground for rather acknowledge our problems and how difficult life can be we'd rather just make stupid jokes and go on stumble. =/

PS: Okay, so I can't really express the true meh-ness of the "=/" smiley on here. Just...use it in your next AIM or iChat conversation, and you'll see what we mean. Maybe.

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I love you guys.