Sunday, April 20, 2008

Applying the vernacular of Christian Siriano to three presidential hopefuls

Admittedly I was stoned off of pot brownies when I came up with this idea, but while on the phone with Marshall I decided that recent Project Runway winner Christian Siriano's most three famous phrases apply particularly well to Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John McCain.

Tranny: No one is more of a tranny than Hillary. Pants suits and short hair and a cheating husband, oh my!Hot mess: John McCain. You're bound to be a hot fucking mess if you were tortured in a POW camp for years. That's like the DEFINITION of hot mess.Fierce: He does blow, smokes Marlboro Reds and fully admits to it! He's like 100 feet tall, no doubt has a huge cock and he's a fucking sexy black man. Obama is fierce, people.



Melissa said...

I agree on all counts. Jessica you are a fabulous!

Marshall said...

I would think John McCain is more of a hot mess just because he can't comb his own hair.

Too soon?