Friday, March 7, 2008

White people are so predictable

Over the past two weeks, several different people have directed me to this website, proclaiming it hysterical and "sooo true!"

So I think I found another thing white people like... the stuff white people like website.

Seriously, the only people who have sent it to me are white! My half black roommate? Nope, didn't send it. My black stepdad? Nope, no email from him about it either. But like every white person I know has told me how funny it is, which only demonstrates the stereotypes satirized on it even further; I mean, you can only really like that website if you like other things white people like, such as Arts degrees and Grad school and liberalism and political correctness. God, whities are so predictable.



Mazi said...

that site is too fucking broad to be "soo true zomg" in a real sense, plus the writing isn't even that clever.

Mazi said...

plus wtf...white people are the land holding cultural majority...where is the journalistic value in chronicling their habits and interests?

Anonymous said...

Actually I thought that site was just, and I'm white. There's no doubt tho, people DO tend toward certain traits and ways of behaving. Not just we white folks, but black people and peoples of other cultures and nationalities. We are all human....we all have a certain limited number of modes of (normal and acceptable) behavior with which we live and grow within. Some of these things are good, others not so good. It IS humorous to watch people and glean these sorts of 'predictabilities' from various groups. I like your observation tho, but you come across a little sharp about it, however I don't think you really intend you?

Be well friend, I enjoyed your post. :)

Mazi said...

I was definitely a little incensed by it at the time as you can see by the quick just generally annoyed by the exploitation of white people in such a sprawling and at times non-creative post

ashley said...

This page is funny and it's not because of the actual things listed (i.e.: Arts degrees and Grad school and liberalism and political correctness)

How these interests/hobbies are presented makes it funny.

I wouldn't think that non-white people would find it funny b/c I never do whenever I see lists about other groups.

Marshall said...

Without looking I'm going to assume you just linked the website of the Republican National Committee.