Friday, March 21, 2008

What could be more important

than Obama's Final Four picks?

Oh, maybe his speech on race relations. And maybe being the first black man to win the democratic bid. And potentially representing the United States in the WORLD POLITICAL FORUM.

Oh right. That.



matt said...

lol i'm the asshole that posted his bracket on facebook

Jess and Josh said...

well the point is that you're allowed to appreciate it, even i'm allowed to appreciate it. but news sources have some responsibility to stir up things that resonate with voters, and college basketball picks are not something that should factor into someone's political decisions. cbs should be producing think pieces on his fantastic speech or on the importance of him running as a black candidate, not popularizing his sporting opinions.

kroop D'doop said...

the real question is what is more important: the assassination of our president or Oprah's dog? Answer: they're equals