Monday, March 31, 2008

The Washington Square News reads my mind for once

I'm happy to say that NYU's newspaper, the Washington Square News, released an editorial today in light of NYU's drop in The Princeton Review's dream school rankings from #1 to #4. NYU now trails behind Harvard, Stanford and Princeton. Perhaps partly to blame is NYU's price tag, which President John Sexton so rudely and eagerly dismissed me for asking about last week. All three of the schools that now trump NYU in the poll started financial aid initiatives last year geared towards making private school educations more affordable for working class students. NYU has done nothing to quell the pain of students like me completely entrenched in debt, and instead has decided to look beyond us, to their 2031 project, which the WSN aptly calls "obsessive:"

NYU is obsessed with its 2031 plan and, consequently, with its plan to become a global university. But how do branch campuses abroad, and the subsequent expansion of the NYU brand, help students in the here and now? Is the gamble really worth it?

I called President Sexton tonight and left a voicemail with his office asking if he would take a meeting with me. I usually hate the shit WSN produces, but my feeling is that they're spot on with this editorial. This is a pertinent and delicate issue, and one that we shouldn't allow figureheads like Sexton to avoid. I'm going broke to pay for this school, and people want to choose preppy, white collar douche bag factories like Princeton over NYU? Oh, fuck no!

And if he doesn't take the meeting? I know tons of news sources that would jump at the chance to play their part in watching Sexton eat his words.



Nayoung Kang said...

Hey, Jess and Josh,

I've been reading your blog everyday for a while (I love it!), so it's about time I leave a comment.

Jess, I also liked this editorial very much, and I really respect you for taking the initiative and talking to Sexton. A lot of people (including me, admittedly) mope about the cost of NYU but are too lazy to do anything about it, assuming that nothing they say or do is gonna change anything.

Good luck, and keep us posted!


p.s. Hi, Josh!

Jess and Josh said...

Aw, thank you, Nayoung!

I think it's time we begin to put pressure on the administration; if they want to match the Ivies in education and prestige, there's no reason they shouldn't do so when it comes to financial aid as well.

I'll keep you updated!