Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Whorizon - lolz, get it?

Apparently I'll have to get a silk robe and trashy New Jersey acrylic press-on nails

I'm thinking about picking up some extra cash this summer by being a phone sex operator. There are lots of benefits: you get to make your own hours and work from home and you get paid really well. It's obviously the furthest foray I would ever make into the sex industry (besides writing about sex, of course), but it seems like a feasible option. And no, it's not trashy. Some of the ladies at Jezebel even worked as operators. It might be a good way to make money on top of my typical 9-5 gig. And according to Josh, I'd be "good at it" because I'm "sexual."

So has anyone out there ever worked in the industry? Or have thoughts about how this might be a good/bad idea?



Marshall said...

Wave of the future: 1-800-Jezebel, where shy men call to get snark. It'd do well, trust me.

Mazi said...

sounds idyllic now...but just wait for your first sleazy tele-john (from jersey) who makes you feel dirty and wish you could take back this career path decision

Anonymous said...

u have a hot voice so u would definitely be good at it.

Panda said...

like, omg, this was totes my first summer job when i was saving up to buy my sized barbie. it was like, totes great moolah. i highly recommend.

Anonymous said...

I was a phone sex operator for 2 years. It is fascinating and even fun sometimes (fun because I worked with others in an "office", and we were constantly joking), but exhausting and disturbing at times. You should try it, and just see how it goes. You can always stop it it's not as palatable or profitable as you thought.