Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My Quarterlife Crisis

My middle name is ennui
Jezebel did an article yesterday about quarterlife crises that seemed to throw me into the depths of a preemptive one. Am I just trying to jump on the sad train or is there something more to it?

The truth is that college has become as superfluous as high school. It's just another stepping stone to get you to where you want to be in the dreaded Real World. But if you want to stand out you have to go to grad school, and then maybe even enter a PhD program. I tried to talk to my mom about this and of course it came back to one thing: student loans.

Yes, I'm going to be in debt for the rest of my life. Yes, NYU sucks when it comes to financial aid and I'm basically paying to learn nothing and be branded as an NYU graduate so I can enter the job market with this glowing stamp of collegiate approval on my breast. But considering how many alums call the NYU Alumni Office (where I schlep away day in and day out losing brain cells to envelopes and nametags) searching for help finding jobs, the idea that going to NYU will help me in any real way is kind of, um... not true.

Not to mention the fact that I completely feel like I'm not learning anything, much in the same way I did in high school; I go to lecture, I take notes like a robot, and I pore over them so I can perform well on tests and exams that don't measure shit in the end, because I'm going to forget everything I studied the second I hand the Blue Book in. I learn more by reading articles from the Gawker blogring(/dynasty) than I do by listening to my professor (who looks suspiciously like Larry David) drone on and on about the history of NYC's labor parties. I learn more by bitching on this blog and analyzing news stories and coming up with something important to say than I do spewing out useless facts about the American Revolution. And I'm paying $48,000/year to spew that shit! AND I'm in the most liberal program NYU offers!

So, to continue on with this week's theme started by Josh: New York, I love you, but fuck your lack of good media internships that resonate with me in any real way. And fuck how easy it is to project all my problems onto you. Now I'm going to get drunk off of $4 drinks at the only bar I can afford in Manhattan. Happy hump day!



Bianca Reagan said...

Huggie hugs. Life is tough, and doesn't get any easier after you graduate. So enjoy each day you have, because tomorrow your life could be a Ripped from the Headlines Law & Order episode, and no one wants that.

Marshall said...

Fuck I want that. Jack Black wins an Emmy for playing me.

Panda said...

Theres another cheap bar in manhattan you can afford. Its called Pity Party, and youre the bartender!

Loves ya. Im going through my quarterlife crisis too but i'm coping by doing drugs, getting tattoos and sleeping with ex boyfriends.


Liz said...

Hey, it could be worse. Envelopes and nametags could actually BE your job. Welcome to my cube.

Justin said...

Yay for Gallatin!