Thursday, March 6, 2008

Jess and Josh's friends make it work

Jess and Josh's dear friend Brad's boyfriend, Christian Siriano, is the official winner of Season 4 of Project Runway. His clothes were elegant, chic and avant garde - verging less on costume and more on high couture. Victoria Beckham, she of high taste and a nerveless face, even offered to let Christian dress her. While watching the finale last night, we were all waiting with bated breath; but it's no surprise Christian won. His collection was cohesive, stylish and extremely fashion-forward. Jillian's knits were hideous and too Ann Taylor, even though everyone seemed to love them (What was with that striped sweater with the brillo sleeves?!) and Rami's bordered a little too much on Express. Christian's ruffled collars and (dare I say) Alexander McQueen inspired jackets (he did work for him) were well-made and looked beautiful on the runway. And hurrah for his love of ethnic models! There are not enough out there.

So... congratulations, Christian! If only Josh and Jess had half your talent; though Josh does have lots and lots of hats. Not that he made them or anything.

Christian's designs can be seen here.


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