Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Is Jess a womanhater?

I spend a lot of time harping on women's issues. So much time, in fact, that Josh frequently mocks me for it publicly. (<3 youuu)

Last night my friend messaged me a conversation between he and this girl. The girl was so obviously fishing for compliments the entire time that I couldn't even finish the convo. He handled it gracefully, but her obvious need for validation (almost 8 years after said incident even occurred) completely made me ashamed for my gender.

Because there are some women who completely perpetuate the Cosmo stereotype: love me, need me, want me, I am yours for the taking, I am here solely to satisfy you.

The thing that I hate the most is that I've totally acted that way before. Is it in our DNA to constantly need to be complimented? Are there women out there who are self-assured enough to know that when men compliment you it's generally for one of two reasons: 1) They want to sleep with you or 2) They catch on that you want to be complimented, and do so to satisfy you so that they can sleep with you.

I think a lot of women play into this shit because they're expected to. I can spot a needy, pathetic woman from a mile away and it literally makes me feel disgusted. Why are you so clingy? Why can't you treat sex the way a man does? Why do you act like you're some fairy princess awaiting your prince charming to come sweep you off your feet? Not gonna happen, honey. And yeah, I know I'm sinister about this subject, I mean, that's kind of what my experiences have taught me. But from what I can tell, we as women are doing it to ourselves by not communicating how our boyfriends can make us come and by constantly acting like victims and by taking their bullshit.

It sucks my sympathy for women right out. Stop playing victim, and maybe you'll stop being treated like one.


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Marshall said...

That guy sure does sound like a gentleman for handling it so well. Whomever he is, ladies take note!