Sunday, March 30, 2008

In case you didn't know we're dumb

We are:

JOSH: post is up, btw
JOSH: i just can't believe this. the abstinence story is ridic too.
JESS: i love how you begin the post with that story and take the most frivolous thing out of it. it totally shows the ineffectiveness of abstinence literature.
JOSH: ohh i like that. good analysis, reverend jessica roy.
JESS: thank you paul.
JOSH: np joan
JESS: you're such a good friend, lemony snickett.
JOSH: you're such a good friend, bruce.
JESS: thanks mr. magorium
JESS: and thanks to your wonder emporium too.
JOSH: np mr. holland, tell your opus i say hi.
JESS: LOL i'm laughing so hard right now
JOSH: me too. oh, patrice o'neal. the fun times we share.
JESS: you know it, serena williams.
JOSH: i've been cracking up for the past few minutes; my neighbors probably think i'm crazy, solange knowles
JESS: LOL same mister magoo

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