Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I'm not jaded enough (yet) to even attempt nonchalance

Josh's English Professor pointed out to us yesterday that this little blog of ours was linked to by the Huffington Post. We looked and looked, found nothing, and assumed he was playing some awful early April Fool's joke on us.

Not true! Time for a screen cap:

Okay so under the Huffpo Living section there's a link for "Buzz Feed." And for "The Magic Vagina" we are listed as the second link, all about tightness and hairlessness. WE'RE RIGHT UNDER JEZEBEL, aka my favorite website in the entire world. I am flattered and also nervous and also fucking excited. Could real people actually be reading what I'm typing right now? I'm trying to be stoic about this but I can't be. YAY!


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