Sunday, March 30, 2008

I don't give a fuck

"This slime tastes like Calysta Flockhart's pussy"

Do you know who I really don't care about?


I hate them so much. I hate their fucking combined name. I hate that the media is obsessed with them. They're hot and they have 890432 kids but I really couldn't care less.

The media
is all "Are they married? Are they not?"


Fucking Harrison Ford got SLIMED! This is news people. Not the marriage of people who pretend not to care about the media then whore their babies out to the highest bidder. Thank you.



ash said...

last night I found out slime comes from pregnant aliens

Jess and Josh said...

You don't care about them so much, you wrote an entry about them!

Jess and Josh said...

i'd argue this entry is about harrison ford! HELLO how could i not want to post that picture?!?!


Marshall said...

Can we discuss how Harrison Ford is clearly always high? He's like Grandpa Pothead now, it's awesome. It's for pain though, it's for pain. Totally.