Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Hills: More vacant stares to remind us that MTV has officially eaten our brains

Last night was the mini-series premiere of The Hills, my alltime favorite show next to Law and Order SVU (mmm Christopher Meloni! Do me on the desk in front of Detective Benson!). I almost missed the beginning because I took a shower and then had to run down to David's room, but I got there just in time to see Lauren and Whitney arrive in Paris. Quel chance!

The trouble with this show is I can't believe I ever thought it was real. It's so obviously scripted, and perhaps it's become more evident since the beginning, but it really makes it difficult for me to watch. Besides that, I kind of already know what's going to happen all season thanks to the fact that The Hills girls are so starved for fame that they go blabbing to gossip rags and blogs anytime they have something marginally interesting to say. I know that Heidi and Spencer get back together so that kind of renders their fight in Crested Butte (lolz!) irrelevant, and I know that Brody replaces Lauren with some other Hollywood slut because she blabbed about it to Us Weekly.

Besides its utter predictability, and the fact that the producers totes burned Lauren's Crillon Ball gown on purpose, it was pretty enjoyable; for someone whose mind is always churning, it's nice to flip on MTV and think about nothing but how pretty Whitney is and how much I want to fuck that French dude Lauren went on a "romantic" motorcycle ride with. I hope when I study in Paris this fall I can pop champagne under the Eiffle Tower wearing a $3,000 dress. Part of me knows I'll probably spend my time reading Satre in cafes, chainsmoking and trying not to look so American.


Sidenote: My friend Hannah, who is an intern at Lucky Magazine, just spotted Lauren in the fashion closet in the Conde Nast building. Hurry over there, people! You can ask her where the casting calls are for her new bff when she inevitably dumps Audrina over some jealous-as-shit girl BS.

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Marshall said...

I prefer my reality startlets Kardashian Krazy. I'm Team LC, but it's definetly just on principle.