Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Friday Night with Josh and Jess

JESS: i just smoked a bowl like 2 mins ago i’m so high
JOSH: find something funny. the link itself is stupid just read the url name out loud:
JESS: haha
JOSH: im so high
JESS: really?
JESS: me toooo lol
JOSH: well cuz after i took one hit i resmoked because i figured if i was staying in to be high
JOSH: i was gonna be high
JESS: oh man LOL
JESS: classic

*video chat with Josh dancing and Jess laughing hysterically while her roommate looks on quizzically*

JOSH: i can’t handle that right now
JESS: ew me neither
JESS: look at this picture
I literally look mentally retarded but LOL at me and Josh's conversation and LOL at him dancing and LOL at "azn hipsters are good for something," I swear it made sense in context.

JOSH: LOL at yr caption to this photo, lol @ your face
JESS: haha. you liked david caruso licorice?
JESS: i’m so hungry
JOSH: okay i know you don’t like south park but you have to trust me
JOSH: just skip to 3:40 into the video:

*five minutes later*

JESS: wait i got a text and forgot i was watching
JESS: i can’t do this right now
JOSH: no just like watch him dance its like 20 seconds
JESS: lol yeah i saw, luvina was dancing
JOSH: is luvina there?


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