Sunday, March 30, 2008

Facebook: Creating, aiding and abetting stalkers everywhere

Hey! Did you notice that new thing on Facebook? It's called People You May Know and it was invented because Facebook didn't think it was creepy enough yet!

The problem with PYMK is that I do know all of them; and I didn't friend them for a reason! Most of them went to my high school, and it would be awkward to friend any one of them (which is probably why I have yet to do so).

Now I know when I get a friend request from that American Eagle model I drunkenly hooked up with in 10th grade, that it's not because he remembers me and thinks I'm even hotter now and wants to date me... it's just because we have a lot of mutual friends, and Facebook is trying to force a relationship that is just stale, clumsy, incongruous. :'(



Mazi said...

amen, so fucking true all around. facebook is losing its allure more and more everyday...sorry mark zuckerburg your product is going to get trounced just like myspace did

**not denying that myspace isnt still the most popular site in the world and still used

**accepting the socioeconomic influences of who uses which service and whatnot

Marshall said...

Hey it's that girl from school! I forgot about her! Wonder what she's up to. Thanks Face.