Friday, March 21, 2008

Death Cab goes dissonant, recondite

Supposed album artwork for Death Cab's newest album, Narrow Stairs

I'm not really embarrassed to say that I like Death Cab for Cutie and all of Ben Gibbard's solo projects. That said, I'm super excited for their new album, to be released in May, DCFCesquely entitled Narrow Stairs. Their newest project is supposedly a grand departure from the poppy, upbeat Plans, released now almost 3 years ago. A listen to the song I Will Possess Your Heart on the band's Myspace indicates critics may be right about this one; dark, solemn and dissonant, the song reeks of a delightful synthesis of Radiohead and Gibbardish sorrow. I think I'm going to dig this new album, which is good, because I thought Plans was severely disappointing.


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