Monday, March 3, 2008

Dear men: It's time you had a shower

This guy is no style icon, trust me.
Maybe it's because I live in New York, or maybe it's because I'm constantly surrounded by teh gayz. Whatever the case, one of the first things I (admittedly, shallowly) notice about the opposite sex is his clothing.

And I'm not alone. One of my coworkers got into a fight with her significant other this weekend over his... wardrobe malfunctions. And it made me think: does what your boyfriend wear really make a difference to your relationship, or are women just shallow?

We've all heard men referred to as "fixer-uppers."
He'd be cute... if he cut his hair and got some new sneakers.
I would date him if only he didn't wear that same sweater every day.

Perhaps the same beauty standards men hold women to are slowly creeping up to bite them in the ass. To which I say: it's about damn time!

Because clothes do make a difference. It's not only about public appearance, but it gives the impression that you don't give a shit about how you look, and for women, that's a huge deal. Having pride in your appearance is one thing -- being a metrosexual is another. We're not asking you to gel your hair or bathe in Axe or have a wardrobe comprised of only Brooks Brothers. All we're asking is that you not wear that same stain encrusted faded buttondown you don for both holidays and lazy Saturday afternoons.

It's really not much to ask when you think about all the things women are expected to do to be considered beautiful by your standards. Do you know how long it takes to shave your legs? How painstaking it is to apply eyeliner just right? Not to mention the hair: blowdrying and straightening alone takes 45 minutes.

So next time your girlfriend asks you to please put on something clean, something unwrinkled, something a normal human being would wear: just oblige her. Unless you want her to stop shaving in revenge. Think about THAT.



Marshall said...

I re-read this and I can still see what you're saying, but I fail to see how the men above is not well dressed.

Marshall said...

By the way I am writing this while wearing a t-shirt that says "Jim Beam: Road to the Rackhouse" and has a race car on it.