Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Dear Kate Moss

For the Ashley Alexandra Dupre in us all
The thing about Kate Moss's Topshop line is that I really want each piece to come with a free gram of blow; they never do, so I just get disappointed and equate all of the outfits to Target-meets-American Eagle just to spite the skinny bitch.

But really, what was she thinking? I know she's still into boho chic, and add a little leather in there and I'm all gung-ho, but really, Kate Moss? Really? It looks like Mary-Kate Olsen threw up on a bunch of scarves that Lauren Conrad then drunkenly sewed together. Kate: stick to what you know- drugs, not eating, and being hollow inside.


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Marshall said...


Banned from America for "moral turpitude". One of the questions the Immigrations agents asked him was "Do you know Kate Moss?" Legendary.