Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Cop out

As a child of divorce, I know firsthand that fielding questions about your parents' indiscretions can be extremely difficult, and I can't imagine what it must be like to be confronted with such questions in the public eye.

But when someone asked Chelsea Clinton if she feels her mother's credibility was damaged at all during Bill's sex scandal, she answered (quite rudely): I do not think that's any of your business. Clip below.

Of course it's our business! Your mother is running to become THE LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD. If a college student has a question about her credibility, you answer it. No one (except maybe Hillz) asked you to campaign for your mom; did her PR person not brief you that shit like this might come up? Another woman put your Dad's dick in her mouth! If that was our business, then how it impacted his wife certainly is too.

I have sympathy for Chelsea. Really, I do. That must have been an unimaginably awful question to have to answer; but campaigning is difficult, and Hillary is known for her dirty tactics. Buck up, Chels. Your mom's youth vote stats might even depend on it.


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Jess and Josh said...

She and Michael Dukakis should get together to discuss other ways to alienate your audience.