Sunday, March 30, 2008

Boys Beware!

Okay, so this has been written about on the Internet before, but obviously I felt the need to say something. And by "say something" I mean "list funny things about it."

1. Apparently, it's totally fine to hitchhike. Like, God forbid a dude is into another dude, but little kids getting rides from strangers on their way home from baseball practice is perfectly safe.
2. Apparently, all homosexuals are creepy John Waters doppelgängers that wear sunglasses all the time.
3. Apparently, all homosexuals are also child molesters.
4. Apparently, all homosexuals make love in shady motel rooms instead of their own houses.
5. Apparently, you know, homosexuality is evil.



Mazi said...

I love how it dates itself with the smallpox mention

Marshall said...

I was sure that was Malkovich, as in totally fuckable.

Bianca Reagan said...

"You see Ralph was a homosexual. A person who demands an intimate relationship with members of their own sex."

First, that's bad grammar. Ralph is a person who either "demands an intimate relationship with a member" of his own sex, or Ralph is a person who "demands intimate relationships with members" of his own sex.

Second, what about men who demand whatever from underage people of the opposite sex, i.e., little girls? Is the video suggesting that straight pervs who pick up kids and take them to motels are a-okay?

Jess and Josh said...

As long as they ain't dirty, Got-hatin' queers, I think it's fine.

Jess and Josh said...

No worries, bianca.

Justin said...

You've seen Reefer Madness right? If not than go get it immediately. I know they sell it at Borders for like ten bucks. You guys could make an evening out of it, it's truly more entertaining than a Judd Appatow movie. It ruined Christmas fo me two years ago when everyone thought I was joking and didn't get it for me.