Friday, March 14, 2008

Ashley Alexandra Dupre is kind of a trashy name anyway

Remember how earlier this week I was all pro-prostitution. Like, yay Ashley Alexandra Dupre, you go girl, fuck that governor guy!

Well these pictures in The Post give me a different idea of this hooker-turned-heroine (turned back to trashy NJ Shore hooker).

It disgusts me how well she is milking this. She will have a recording contract and a book deal by the end of the weekend. Has she no self-respect? I mean, I know she was a callgirl, but many of them have a lot of self respect, and that's why they can do something that's so degrading without feeling bad about it. And if she was going to do a photoshoot, did she have to do it nude? It's as if she wants to emphasize the fact that she is um.... a whore. Has she put any thought to the fact that this is probably destroying Silda, seeing all the places her husband touched, and paid to touch?

This girl is officially kind of a bitch.


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