Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Why you should not vote for Hillary Clinton this Super Tuesday

It's 5:40pm and droves of nine-to-fivers across the country are currently making their way to the polls to choose the primary candidate. Unfortunately, I have to wait until April to cast my ballot because Pennsylvania sucks like that. But the importance of this date is not lost on me.

I am here to tell you why you shouldn't vote for Hillary Clinton. I am not a political scientist and I am not even really a political aficionado. I flirt with feminism and I like this fine country we live in and I have experience campaigning for candidates I love (RIP Kerry/Edwards '04), and that is why I feel I have the authority to say:

If you vote for Hillary Clinton, I will no longer be your friend. (I kid, but still...)

It's not that I like Barack Obama. I mean, I do, but that's not why you shouldn't vote for Hillary. And the fact that she offends all ideas of what femininity is doesn't bother me either. If she used her womanly prowess and sexuality to her advantage I'd probably hate her even more. (See: Ann Coulter) Truthfully, if any of the male candidates in Washington acted the way Hillary does, most likely people wouldn't hate them. Hillary offends everything it means to be a woman: she is dirty and wears powersuits and asserts control and demands respect. But as a budding feminist, this doesn't bother me either.

I'm on the verge of copping out and just saying, You shouldn't vote for Hillary because she's goddamn annoying. But I won't, because this is actually important.

You shouldn't vote for Hillary because this country was founded on democratic ideals, ideals that shy away completely from monarchical concepts. Sure, African-Americans couldn't vote for years after the Constitution was drafted, and women couldn't vote until less than 100 years ago, but the fact remains that this country has a deep history of defending the little man and offending those in power.

If you vote for Hillary, aren't you kind of giving up and breathing new life into what looks like the new version of a dynasty?

Think about it: I was born in 1988, the year Bush Sr. was elected to office. My entire life, all I've known are the Bush's and the Clinton's of this world. If Hillary gets elected, we are feeding into that. If you vote for Hillary, you are again putting power in the hands of one of the two families that have more or less controlled the country for the past 20 years.

Obama's message is CHANGE. Ok, I like that. As a forward thinking college student that's extremely attractive to me. And when I look at Hillary, and see the way the media analyzes every wrinkle, every facial expression, simply because she's a woman, I just can't see her gleaning the respect she needs to keep a firm hand on this country.

I want to like her. The feminist in me wants to like her so badly. But I just can't. Because here's the clincher. I will say it, and I hate myself for saying it, but I'm saying it anyway: America is not ready for a woman president. With suffrage, we more readily accepted African-American males before any woman. And with this election, I truly think Obama has a better chance of beating out the Republican pundit than good ol' Hill. And isn't that the point, anyway? Taking back the White House after the cruel thievery of 2000, and the mass emotional manipulation 9/11 allowed in 2004?

As Democrats, we have to decide who we want to go up against the Republican frontrunner. I wish I could say I believe that's Hillary, but it's not. I don't care what the polls say. If Obama can win a state with as racist a history as South Carolina, then he can win this election.

So there. I said it. Obama '08.


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