Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Who wants to hire Josh?


JESS: is papa becker there?
JOSH: no! i don't know where the hell he is
JOSH: i hope he didn't get in a car crash
JESS: omg! i'm sure he's okay
JESS: *knocks on wood 3 times in sets of 3* (Editor's note: It should be obvious by now that Jess has OCD. I know, it's embarrassing. Just don't come over before bed or you will get sucked into her rituals, like turning her white noise machine on and off 3 times and saying little 'prayers' three times (and once for good luck))
JOSH: i just ordered delivery and now i'm gonna guilt him into paying for it
JOSH: LOL i am so selfish
JESS: i just ordered delivery too
JESS: haha yeah you are, get a job you fucking bum
JOSH: in all fairness, i've been applyin'
JESS: how hard is it to get a work study job?
JOSH: um last time i got one it took 3 seconds. i've applied to 2 since friday and haven't heard from either. i don't understand why this is so difficult.
JOSH: i'm 3 seconds from working at wendy's
JESS: maybe they don't want to hire you cuz you're a member of teh gayz
JOSH: that must be it

Anyone wanna hire a deeply sexy, pale, skinny, Jewish gay boy? He has a razor-sharp wit and pool-blue eyes. Inquire within.


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