Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A virtual pat on the back to, well... us.

As I sit here listening to Vampire Weekend (pretentious) and drinking my morning coffee (it tastes like blueberries because my roommate buys delicious creamer) and waiting for my (other) roommate to get out of the bathroom so I can expertly apply eyeliner, I am struck with the lovely success of this big round number...


This blog has hit 5,000 views. My initial reaction: What the fuck? My second reaction: my mother must read this way too frequently. Josh's reaction: Who the fuck cares about me?

So thanks, oh faithful reader(s) for reading this little vanity project. I pinky promise to make it more interesting in the weeks to come. And if you know me, you know a pinky promise is as good as swearing on the Bible (okay better because fuck it I'm an athiest).


1 comment:

Michele aka Jess's Mom said...

It's not me--I read you in a feed reader, which won't show up in your stats. It must be your legions of other loyal fans! Congratulations!