Sunday, February 24, 2008

This weekend in pictures: Or, why Josh and Jess have no short-term memory

This weekend was Josh's birthday celebration at the ever-exclusive Burger King on Canal Street. It was really fun until:

1) A 16 year old prostitute propositioned a gangbanger at the table next to us.
2) A gaggle of tough guys began crowding around the entrance at an alarming rate.
3) I dropped my cell phone onto the nasty/sticky floor.

These things really happened; we weren't just stoned. (Josh's note: That said, my God, we were so fucking stoned. I feel it's necessary to include that, despite it probably being a given, for the sake of justifying, um...this entire evening.)

A tender moment

Oh look, an Urban Outfitters gift card! Touching!

David and Josh: This picture kind of says it all

The birthday boy enjoys his birthday fries & card

The Crew

The Oscars are tonight and we are going to watch them sober! Yay! But with lots of cheap Chinese food in our bellies.


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