Tuesday, February 12, 2008

This Time, Josh ISN'T Posting When He's High

Just a few things that have been going on lately:

1. Okay, I know the Super Bowl was a while ago, and all the commercials have been recorded and laughed at and blogged about already, but I just came across this tonight, and I've already watched it five times. It's not even that funny, it's just...I dunno, the guy's voice is so right, and the way the babe seems to lean forward and say "whoa" after he spits up--so that you feel like that's what he's thinking, even if you hadn't heard the voiceover say it--is the perfect ending. E*Trade paid a lot of money for that spot, but it's nice to know that at least they've got a sense of humor about it.

2. In response to Jessica's post about Kanye: Yeah, he showed a tender side at the Grammy's, and yeah Jay-Z likes to rap about his bitches and bling, but at least Jay-Z has the dignity to not act like a child. Also, Jay-Z isn't absolutely fucking crazy. This kind of behavior discredits West's personality, at least to me, so I can't fully buy into moments like his singing about his recently-deceased mother in front of millions of people across the country. Because, you know, when you've just said that we "should be honored by my lateness / That I would even show up to this fake shit" (I'll admit the Grammy's are about as fake as they come), I'm not really prepared to see you show love for someone else. Maybe it's just me, but it was almost too quick a transition. He should've just stuck to one mood or the other, if that's even possible. Back when Biggie died, Diddy didn't sing about being the shit at the VMAs--it was a straight-up tribute to his late friend, and it worked, just because he went all out. I believe West's sadness; I just don't know if I believed his delivery.

3. People of New York City: Why am I still seeing Henry Holland knockoffs strolling down Lafayette? Sorry, it's over. It ended a while ago. I see kids in the Midwest wearing those shirts in their Facebook pictures, so you know it's really over. (No offense to our Michigan fans/bloggers--I'm sure you guys have wonderful taste. I'm talking about South-Dakota-how-dare-you-teach-these-kids-evolution-you-pagan- monster Midwest.) Seriously? Find a new trend. Fashion Week just ended, so I'm sure Urban Outfitters will be picking up on something from the runway in the coming weeks.

4. Oh, hey Winter, glad you could join us. I know this is typical January weather, but, like, global warming. I was totally not prepared for the onslaught of cold we've experienced the past couple days. My Dashboard weather-thing says we'll be back to the 40s by the end of the week, but my Dashboard weather-thing did not predict snow for today, so for all we know we could be in the Kelvins come Saturday. (Yes, I'm a nerd. Look it up.)

5. It's almost my birthday! For the first time in my life, I really don't want anything besides money. To like, pay for food, and stuff. Does that mean I'm a grown-up now? Or just another jaded New Yorker disappointed that credit-card technology has yet to reach our pot dealers?



Justin said...

Kanye West is most definitely the best rapper we've seen this decade. Don't write about him if you don't get him.

Jess and Josh said...

I like Kanye; never said I didn't. Though that statement is debatable; between Common, MF Doom (aka Madvillain), and Kanye, I don't know I could say who is "best." That's arbitrary.