Sunday, February 24, 2008

Old Navy goes Urban Explorer-- or tries to, anyway

I went on a huge shopping spree this weekend that has crippled my bank account in unimaginable and shocking ways. I am dreading seeing my statement later in the week, but I scored some really nice pieces (a lot of them for $10, thanks H&M!) so I'm not too upset. It's amazing what new clothes will do for you.

Earlier in the week I heard Old Navy just put out a more "high end" line called Urban Explorer (ew I know), so as I was walking home down Broadway, I decided to check it out at the SoHo store between Prince and Broome. Having spent most of freshman and sophomore years of high school clad in Old Navy jeans and cardigans and boho chic tops, I've always had an (albeit secret) soft spot for the discount store; my friend Ana used to make fun of me for being able to rummage through it and find the only adorable item in the store.

The Urban Explorer line was, of course, awfully disappointing. They took the theme way too literally and translated it into their traditional flowy, cotton tanktops with animal prints; think Roberto Cavalli but way cheaper and a little more Savannah than Miami. Here are some pictures I snapped while catching the stink eye from a bitter security guard:

The only thing I may have considered wearing was this silk-cotton blend shift dress with matching belt. I would probably take the belt off and use a thin, black one cinched higher up on the waist...but there's still something off about the pattern.

Having spent the whole weekend either shopping or stoned, I realized something about discount fashion found at places like H&M, Forever 21 and Old Navy; in an attempt to recreate what's shown on the runways but for way cheaper, something is inevitably lost. How many times have you been to Forever 21 and found a really cute dress... but there's just one small thing wrong with it that renders it completely unwearable? Case and point: there is this great white silk shift with a cute bubbly pattern and cowl neck from H&M that I've been coveting. It finally went on sale for $10 this weekend, but I realized that it is simply too long to wear, and the material is such that if you cut it-- which I do with a lot of my clothes-- it will fray and just look like shit. I don't know if the merchants just don't get it, or if they're simply unallowed to make clothes that look exactly like Marc by Marc stuff, but it's frustrating for those of us on a budget for sure.

On my way out I spotted a rack of cargo pants that made me just go AHH because they were so hideous and quintessentially Old Navy:Overall, the trip made me remember why I stopped wearing Old Navy crap in the 10th grade. I can't wait until I can afford all Alexander Wang and Phillip Lim wardrobes.


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