Thursday, February 28, 2008

No Smoking

How fitting that Stumble brought me to this while I was enjoying a cigarette.

I hate this. I hate the fact that they want to censor movies. I hate the fact that they assume that just because a character in Juno smokes, teenagers across the country will pick up the habit (just like they'll start having unprotected sex and then giving up their babies for adoption!)

I hate the fact that they even want to remove smoking from historical films. Historical--as in, the past; as in, before people knew smoking was bad for you. I'm sorry, but you take cigarettes out of an old-time Western like 3:10 to Yuma and you completely ruin the movie. Back then, everyone smoked; it was just something people did, and ignoring that doesn't change the fact of the matter. Not only does the removal of cigarettes from films like that manipulate the audience into believing a false version of the past--I know that's kind of what historical films do anyway, but in this case it's ignoring an everyday part of a given past society that was otherwise depicted with complete realism--but it also blames the movie industry in general for influencing kids to smoke.

I have never met a single person who started smoking because they saw it in a movie. When you go to the movies, you know you're watching a story unfold--even the smallest child understands that cars don't talk and trucks don't turn into robots, so I highly doubt that they'll suddenly feel compelled to forgo the lollipop and ask Mommy for a Parliament. Besides, taking cigarettes out of movies won't make children blind to smoking; take your kids to New York City for twenty minutes and they'll see plenty of people puffing away.

First they banned smoking sections in restaurants. Now they're working on this. God, either ban the cancer sticks completely or quit trying to slowly phase them out--everyone knows that smoking is bad for you anyway.

Now I want another cigarette.


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