Sunday, February 10, 2008

Muchos gracias

Thanks to everyone who came to my fiesta last night. It was great, except when the R.A.'s came in and we were all so high that we couldn't stop laughing at them. They were like, "I'm gonna need you guys to open the bedroom doors, especially the one with the towel under it." And when they went in they were like, "Hm, it smells funny in here." DUH. It smelled like some dank fucking bud. It was my birthday party! Gimme a break. Fascists.Well, it was super fun up until then. And if you didn't come then there's always next year when I'll actually turn 21 and can't get in trouble for silly things like 40's of Corona and having my friends dress up as pregnant cholas:



Michael said...

happy birthday. you're/'ve going/gone to london!? hope you have/had fun. i'm not sure wether you've gone or not but in either case, i'm jealous and i hate you.

Jess and Josh said...

i'm leaving on wednesday (my actual birthday). thanks for the birthday wishes!

Michele said...

What--no mention of the awesome cake? I'm hurt.