Friday, February 22, 2008

Know Your Idols and Buy Their Shit

I know religious disaffection is Jessica's thing, but Stumble brought me to this and I couldn't resist. The Christ-types want the hip, Converse-wearing youth America to turn to JESUS! Welcome to Dare To Believe, yet another "religion-is-relevant-in-your-life-we-swear-it-now-buy-our-literature" Web site. The home page has all the features of your typical, Christ-for-teens Web site: pretentious pictures, cool fonts, and ridiculous assumptions about what teenagers think, such as: “I just don’t understand the Bible [...] I read it. I just don’t get it.”

The "About" section basically compares religion to a book, a book filled with the chapters of our life stories that the good religious people of this world give to Christ--kind of like how authors give their books to editors! Except this Editor doesn't change anything; he just sits there in the sky and then when you die he judges your life and determines whether you belong in hell. Then it gives a list of relevant reading materials and links to the Amazon sites on which you can buy them.


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Suzie Eller said...

Hey Jess and Josh, Dare to believe is actually my ministry website, while the teen site is at

Though I don't agree with your assessment, I do agree with your right to give it.

It's nice to meet you.

Suzie Eller