Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Josh has no conscience

JOSH: i just need to become friends with ugly-ass people
JESS: well you're friends with me
JESS: *fishing*
JOSH: yeah you're fugz.
JOSH: i will pay you 40 dollars if you sleep with antwan
JESS: LOL... he's waiting til marriage so i'd need more than that since we'd have to get married
JOSH: and i know you would consider it
JOSH: well just make out
JOSH: maybe a quick bj
JESS: i can't i have a boyfriend and we had a serious convo today about cheating
JOSH: nobody has to know
JOSH: quick london money!
JESS: i would know
JESS: shut the fuck up
JESS: you're an asshole



Justin said...

You can cheat for money, that's different.

Jess and Josh said...

oh okay i'll put my craigslist advert reading "horny young college student looking for paid action" back up right away.

Marshall said...

It ain't me, babe. Must be one of your legion of 5000, or your mama.