Friday, February 29, 2008

In defense of no-strings-attached sex

I've always struggled with the concept of love. Perhaps due to my parents' divorce when I was 13 (impressionable, much?) or my shitty luck when it comes to relationships, I've always been wary about using that word or clinging to it or even believing that it exists. Of course, when you're in a relationship, it's quite easy to throw caution to the wind because we convince ourselves that the person we're with is different, somehow. With more than 50% of marriages ending in divorce, and that daunting little motto "all good things must end," I have to say that I am a little disenchanted with the whole love and sex and relationships thing.

Because for me, love and sex don't mix. I've tried to make it work and it's just not possible. Sure, women secrete chemicals that make them FEEL for the person they sleep with. And inevitably intimacy is something that comes with both sex and love; but really, they're two completely different things, and in my opinion, they should be kept as such.

Let's take Oscar Winner Tilda Swinton for example: bitch lives with a man she's been with for years AND a sexy 20-something Latin boytoy. She will never have her heart broken, because she has love in one man and sex in another. If we all could operate that way, the world would be so much happier; but we can't, because most people are jealous, and angsty, and self-righteous.

I, myself, am slowly becoming more and more wary of relationships, but not of sex. If Swinton's situation isn't possible, perhaps I'll reemerge as SATC's Samantha; or at least Carrie when she wasn't fretting over Mr. Big's emotional unavailability or Berger breaking up with her on a post-it. Fuck. I hate how all talks of relationships immediately collapse into an analysis of Sex and the City.


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