Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I hate taking my shoes off at security

Me, in the airport, terrified.

It's my birthday! I'm 20! And as everyone keeps reminding me, the 20's are when everything happens to you. Or at least, everything is SUPPOSED to happen to you: graduation, your first real job, marriage, kids. I'll be surprised if I accomplish the first two. But here's to the next decade of my life, and I'm spending the first day of it in La Guardia. The carpet smells moldy and the Air Canada terminal is sad. I think my plane is a propellor plane and that makes me fucking nervous, because you guys don't understand how nervous I am to fly. No really you don't. I'll be popping 3-5 Xanax within the next hour just so I can get myself to BOARD the plane. Then I have to switch planes in Ottawa and spend another 7 hours clawing the seat/hyperventilating until finally (hopefully!) I land in London.

Wish me luck I'm actually terrified.

I won't be blogging until I get back so... cheerio bitches!


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