Thursday, February 21, 2008

How Stumble helps develop individuality

Stumble Upon is probably one of the greatest inventions of our time. Josh and I spend way too much of our (high) free time clicking that little button in the left hand corner and being delighted by what pops up. The way it works is this: You tick off different preferences based on your interests, and Stumble will pull up websites that it thinks you will like. Then you can either click "I like it!" or "I hate it!" and it will remember which sites you liked and pull up ones similar to those. Stumble has actually helped me realize the kind of person I am: that person really likes drugs.

My Stumble now brings up almost exclusively drug-related websites. I now know a variety of marijuana baked good recipes, how to get out of a drug arrest in Canada, what kinds of weed will fuck me up the most, and what kind of cannisters to hide weed in if I want to ship it cross-country. Sure, sometimes I get a fashion related website or something cool like this, but mostly I get sites by burnouts like myself celebrating the joys of marijuana.
What does this say about me? What comes up on a person's stumble clearly shows a lot about them. Does this mean I'm a stoner? Should I be concerned that I can't remember what I ate for dinner last night? That I thought I hallucinated a lunar eclipse but then remembered that there was actually a lunar eclipse? These questions hurt my head. Pass that shit.


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Anonymous said...

jess did you seriously think you IMAGINED the lunar eclipse?

that's just brilliant.