Friday, February 29, 2008

Brainstorming with Josh and Jess

JOSH: i have an idea for a blog post but it's very self-important and kind of a cliche, so tell me if you like it
JOSH: we each count down our like, 20 favorite songs
JOSH: and like say why we love them
JOSH: idk
JESS: yeah sure
JOSH: but i'd only do it if you did it too
JESS i was thinking of doing like a beauty entry
JESS: like good products we use
JESS: LOL like people care
JESS: i'm just good at talking about fashion
JOSH: LOL "josh, meanwhile, steals cover-up from duane reade. HE IS SO COOL"
JESS: LOL do you really?
JOSH: yeah hahaha
JESS: i used to steal speed from duane reade
JESS: and by speed i mean no doz
JESS: OTC speed
JOSH: LOL, i'm sippin some liquid speed
JOSH: (coffee)
JESS: me too!
JESS: we should do a post about our favorite founding fathers

Who has ideas for posts they want to see? Also, does it surprise you that we actually put thought into this thing?


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