Monday, January 14, 2008

Todds of the world take back what's theirs: and apparently what's theirs is snotty high school students

Today I was doing some work for my dad so he can finally get his doctorate after 10 years of fucking around, refusing to do his dissertation. My dad's an assistant superintendent of a school district, so his dissertation is education-based. My job was to get the addresses and names of principals for about 70 high schools in Pennsylvania and put them into an Excel spreadsheet so I could make address labels. While doing this, I found one interesting fact worth sharing:

So many of public high school principals in Pennsylvania are named.... Todd.

How is this even possible? I didn't even know there were still people named Todd out there who didn't cook hot dogs at NASCAR events or walk around beach towns barefoot. How did so many people named Todd come to be high school administrators, and how can any student take someone named "Principal Todd" seriously AT ALL? I just don't understand it. Here's the evidence:

1. Saucon Valley High School: Todd Gombos
2. Central Dauphin East High School: Todd Neuhard
3. Baldwin Senior High School: Todd Keruskin
4. Montour High School: Todd Price

That's 4 out of 63 high schools with principals named Todd.

Obligatory pun: toddally weird.


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it's 'shloo boo said...

i actually thought todd was a common name...but now I realize that's because I grew up watching the simpsons and in reality I don't know anyone with that name