Thursday, January 17, 2008

On the disappearance of Josh: Or, I should just change the name of this blog to Jess Talks to Herself About Stuff

JOSH: i've been watching csi all day, so i have been trying to make everything i say sound like a david-caruso-worthy punchline or one-liner
JESS: I LOVE CSI, i didn't know you were a fan
JESS: csi: miami and law and order: svu are not to be fucked with. shows with colons in their name in general are not to be fucked with
JESS: dog: the bounty hunter
JESS: the: hills
JOSH: run's: house
JOSH: no like csi miami is it. like, david caruso neeeeeds to marry me.
JESS: he'd be a freak in da bed
JOSH: his squinty little eyes probably get so wide
JOSH: i'm drinking tea from a mug with me and my brother's faces on it
and a caption "we love our daddy" LOL
JESS: blog about it
JESS: oh wait you don't have a blog
JESS: only i do
JOSH: shut it up, you
JESS: it's called jess talks to herself about stuff
JOSH: it's called josh has been a breathing corpse the past few days and the blog has not been the first thing on my mind.
JOSH: mind on your money
JOSH: blog on your mind
JESS: blog in my cogs
JOSH: sippin on gin and blog
JESS: ok justin's friend just said the funniest thing
JOSH: golden blog and the 4-h stone
JESS: whatd he say?
JESS: "why isn't this cloverfield movie called hipsters vs. monsters?"
JOSH: eh
JESS: you're such a dick
JESS: go drink a whole bottle of nyquil
JOSH: robotripping is k00l dude

Josh will be back tomorrow, hopefully. I'm hoping he'll get well soon, because he's my friend, and I love him, but mostly because then I won't have to listen to him bitch about how much his throat hurts.


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Prescott said...

Josh's throat hurt from sucking dicks and licking your cunt.