Monday, January 28, 2008

Marijuana vending machines to replace those filled with Yoohoo, stale Skittles

As if I needed another reason to live in California (besides the lovely weather and the fucking purple kush):

CNN posted a video about marijuana vending machines that are being installed in a dispensary clinic in Los Angeles. The head of the clinic that the reporter interviews is obviously a stoner, and kind of resembles Turtle from Entourage. But the best part is when the camera pans out and you see that this professional, up-to-code and friendly neighborhood clinic has a poster of Tupac hanging on the wall:LOL. That's some classy shit.

I can't wait until New York gets machines like that. It would make the whole trudging-out-into-the-cold-to-meet-my-dealer-6-blocks-away
-even-though-he-does-"delivery" seem even sillier than it is.


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Marshall said...

They got a nigga sheddin tears reminiscing on my past fears.