Thursday, January 17, 2008

Manorexia is the new... anorexia

Apparently on runways in Milan, the guy models are really thin. So when I went to Google pictures from the shows, I couldn't find any. Then I realized I was looking at the pictures, but just didn't realize it because the models didn't strike me as that skinny. THEN I realized that it's because I live in New York, and frequent (or used to) places like The Annex, where if you're a guy you generally weigh less than 130. I mean, my guy friends have worse body issues than my girl friends. And yes they're gay New Yorkers, but still. These days I kind of just assume most guys I meet are going to be impossibly anorexic.

Honestly I think it's about time men are held to the same ridiculous body standards as women. It's payback, bitch. Better trade those Doritos you stuff down your piehole while watching the game for some grapes or something.


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