Monday, January 21, 2008

Looking at pictures of Sienna Miller will not make you sexier

Take it from me. I've tried it.

JESS: ew i need to learn how to be sexy
JESS: basically im just a school marm
JESS: josh teach me to be sexy
JOSH: fuck, you think i know what to do?
JOSH: i can teach you to be awkward and alienate your friends.
JESS: ok but i already know how to do that

Oh Sienna, teach me your ways.
You know when you think you're sexy and then you realize you're not? That happened to me today. I mean sure I get proposed to on the subway but like... that doesn't mean I'm sexy, just that I have blonde hair.

This is me wishing I was Sienna Miller. Fuck feminism for today apparently.



Anonymous said...

you are sexy.

Anonymous said...

shut up jess you're sexy

Jess and Josh said...

LOL thanks... anonymous

Marshall said...

Besides Justin, is there anyone who holds Sienna as the ideal? Even Jude Law stepped out on her, with THE HELP.