Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Today Jess got annoyed at me for not expressing more sadness at the death of Heath Ledger. In fact, I don't really care.
Look, the guy was a great actor, and it's a shame he died so young. That said, I didn't know him. He wasn't a friend; he wasn't family. I can only mourn his death as a fan, and I didn't even see that many of his movies.
But I'm not going to get really depressed. I'm not sure if this makes me an insensitive or bad person, but I don't know...lots of people die every day, and I know he was a celebrity and blah blah blah, but still. I didn't know him on a personal level. Yes, I'm sure he was a good man, and again, he was talented. But I'm can't bring myself to be that sad about it, just because the news really doesn't affect me personally. If I got that upset about the death of every celebrity whose work I enjoy, well, I'd be a lot more depressed a lot more of the time.
It will be a little weird seeing the new Batman movie, when it comes out. I wonder how they're gonna handle it.
And Jess: I'd like to think you would be a journalist with integrity who would not shove through a crowd to get a shot of a dead man. There are many kinds of journalism, after all. Don't let this get you discouraged from your dream.


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