Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Heath Ledger, Dead at 28

This news is particularly shocking to me, being as I live in the building across from Mr. Ledger's. It is currently swarmed with media and paparazzi; film cameras in the front and print reporters in the back. Lovely gentleman from the New York Times and The Washington Post interviewed me on my opinions about my neighborhood being taken over by the media frenzy. I flirted with the Washington Post guy and when he said "Thank you" I said, "Anything for the Washington Post."

That aside, this is an extremely sad story. I've seen Mr. Ledger out and about our neighborhood. His film I'm Not There was, in my opinion and as I wrote about previously, the best film of the year. He was an extremely talented actor and I feel so sorry for his wife and daughter.

This whole story also brought out this strange side to me that I've never seen before. I was caught up in the media storm, listening to the reporters gossip (Is this apartment owned by Mary-Kate Olsen? Was it the 4th floor or the 5th?). So many people fighting to get word, to get their best story out faster and better than everyone else; and meanwhile, someone is dead. Someone is dead and all these people care about is Was it drugs? Suicide?

Being in the belly of the beast today has made me seriously question my desire to be a journalist, and even question this blog.

RIP Heath Ledger.


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