Wednesday, January 23, 2008


As if to feed my existential crisis concerning my journalistic endeavors, the man I flirted with quoted me in The Washington Post.

"Great actor," said a New York University student named Jessica Roy, who lives nearby. She'd seen Ledger in the neighborhood a few times, on his bicycle, she said, and remembered thinking, "He looked like any scruffy New Yorker."

I called Heath Ledger a scruffy New Yorker in the Washington Post. I don't know whether to be mortified, ashamed or impressed with myself.

I just walked by the site earlier and people started laying out flowers. I don't know why Mr. Ledger's death is affecting me so much. Like Josh says, I didn't know him. Maybe it's just a reminder that life is fleeting and all that. Or maybe it's a wakeup call for me to climb out of my celebrity gossip hole. Or maybe I'm just overanalyzing everything. Or maybe I'm stoned. (Hey, we all have our ways of dealing with things.)

MATT: celebrity deaths freak me out a little more than normal people deaths
JESS: same!
JESS: why is that?
MATT: dont know. i guess we've just accepted that everyone we know is gonna die and celebrities just seem immortal
JESS: yeah, they seem untouchable
JESS: the masses can't get close to them neither can the cosmos
JESS: weird
MATT: brb, getting lifted

UPDATE: I am also quoted in the New York Times as saying:

Jessica Roy 19, a New York University journalism student, said she had met Mr. Ledger in the neighborhood, and she called his death “really sad.” She said she had never seen such hubbub in SoHo. “It’s fascinating to me, this whole media extravaganza,” she said.

I hate capitalizing on such a tragic event. It makes me feel dirty all over. But is it safe to assume this is one step closer to an NYTimes byline?


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addie said...

It's amazing how much I identify with these posts today. (I stumbled upon your blog via Blog for Choice, in which I also participated.) I'm a working journalist (who also enjoys flirting with the occasional reporter, just none from the Washington Post.) totally disgusted most days with the media. I found myself strangely drawn to Ledger's death. Maybe cause I fell so hard for him in "!0 Things..." and then for what he represented in "Brokeback". Maybe because he was a young(ish) new parent just like me. Maybe because in another life I would have married that Aussie from my college days.

But I don't know the guy from Adam. I don't even think I read an in-depth profile in Esquire or GQ about him. It's hard to explain why I felt so terrible when I found out this afternoon. I guess it will sink in, but I'm not sure I'll ever figure out why things like this affect me so.

I think you should be proud of your comment. I think the last thing he'd have wanted you to say was that he looked like a "pretentious asshole wanna-be New Yorker."

Since I haven't read too deep in your blog, what kind of journalism are you into?