Thursday, January 31, 2008

Feb, Are You Ready?

We're standing on the edge of February, which in my mind means two things: Valentine's Day and my birthday. (Okay, Jess's birthday too.)
I'm not going to bore you with another oh-no-I'm-single-on-V-Day essay, because they're all the same, and it's always my fault, and I'm just way too picky, but I like what I like, ya know? I can't convince myself to be into someone if I'm not. Jesus, barely a paragraph in and I'm already rambling.
Oh well, the point of this entry is: my birthday is coming up. I don't want to do a restaurant dinner, because those are always so expensive and the table is long so everyone can't talk to each other. And I have friends in different social groups, so who would I invite? And then I don't want anyone to feel awkward or left out or whatever. So that idea's out.
I was thinking of maybe doing a kind of anti-dinner at Jess's place, pending her roommates' permission. A bunch of us would hang out in their (very spacious) room, get some Chinese delivery, smoke (duh), and just chill. Which sounds nice but, like, it's my birthday, and what I just described is pretty much what I do on more nights of the week than I care to admit. And yes, technically I suppose it could be called a "party," but that's just applying labels and besides, I want to do something remotely special. So I'm not tossing that idea yet, but I'm hoping for something better.
Unfortunately, I'm not an heiress or nightclub owner, so while I'd love to have my birthday party at a club or lounge, well, I don't really see how that'd be feasible. I don't mean like what Dhani did at Kiosk a few months ago. What I mean is renting out the place, Super-Sweet-16 style, and inviting all my friends and having IDs not be an issue and basically a party for me and the people who make my life awesome. But considering the fact that I'm not even turning 21, and that I doubt I'd have the money to rent out a corner booth at Asian Pub for a few hours--let alone a club--I don't think this will be happening this year.
So. What to do? Comments/ideas would be nice, but I'm not expecting any (judging by the recent dearth of responses to our posts, commenting on this blog seems to have fallen the way of "Young Folks," Palestinian scarves, and white Converses in the things-that-are-no-longer-cool department.) I guess I'm just thinking out loud.



Marshall said...

Young Folks will always be cool, as long as I can whistle. Which won't be very long actually.

Justin said...

Young Folks was never cool, just ask Josh Schwartz.

Jess and Josh said...

I still love the song, but whenever I play it around other people they just roll their eyes and say "Really?"