Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Do men only want success so they can have succsex?

Last night a guy friend told me me that he reads news articles differently depending on whether they are written by a man or a woman. He contended that, in general, men pursue goals that will make them successful because they're hoping to get laid, and women have much more pure intentions. Therefore, he can't help being unable to separate men's inherent drive for sex from the topics about which they write. He may have been being ironic, but it got me thinking.

I mean, I've never met a guy whose intentions weren't sexual, but I'm sure they exist somewhere out there. Just not in New York. Or on the Eastern Seaboard. Or in Los Angeles. But like... I'm sure somewhere on the golden plains there's this really cute backhome boy who just wants to raise a family and milk cows and let his wife decide when she wants to have sex, and if she says no on Monday nights after returning home from their kids' PTA meeting, he'll just kiss her and say "Okay" and go back to bed.

But really, is it true that men only want to be successful so they can have succsex? It's also interesting to note that women don't neccesarily perceive success as a tool to sex: in fact, it can sometimes hinder women in the bedroom department because some guys are assholes who are threatened by HBIC.

Maybe I need to start viewing my work ventures in conjunction with my romantic ventures. Maybe writing this blog will get me laid. Maybe not.



Justin said...

Oversimplified. How is this blogworthy?

Prescott said...

Geez, you really need to learn a lot. You see the world in black & white.

Does Jess only want success so she can have succsex?

Does Josh only wnat to be with Jess so he can have Jessex?