Monday, January 7, 2008

Breaking news: Rich kids are assholes!

Today, New York Magazine released an article about the growing super-rich class, and the impact all those dolla dolla billz are having on the bourgeois youth.

Wow, NY Mag! You continue to shock and awe me with your brilliantly refreshing take on today's news. No one else has their fingers on the pulse of both culture and subculture quite like you, NY Mag. It never even occurred to me that money can birth bad people.

Oh, wait. Yes, it did. I can't help but have this strange distaste for the uber-wealthy. And it seems history is on my side. Here's a list of rich assholes off the top of my head, just from the 20th century:

1) Brandon Davis - remember when he called Lindsay Lohan poor?
2) Almost everyone in Igby Goes Down: I mean, his wealth is what took him down, hence the title of the film!
3) Speaking of Igby, how about the book that the film was loosely based off of? Anybody remember Catcher in the Rye? Holden Caulfield is the archetype for rich, fucked up asshole.
4) Lou Reed - I mean, I love him, but guy's a total dick.
5) Watch My Super Sweet Sixteen and glimpse the downfall of America's youth, bathed in glitter and wearing tiaras emblazoned with a diamond-encrusted number 16.

This is just random famous people, too. I can't tell you the amount of rich no-name people I've met who have been utter assholes. Of course, there are always those nice rich people who donate to charities and do good things, but in my experience (growing up in an affluent suburb of Philadelphia, and now living in SoHo), a lot of rich people have a sense of entitlement that lends itself neatly to assholery. Not having to work for a living will do that to you. But maybe that's just my bitter-attend-school-full-time-while-working-25 hours-a-week self speaking.

At any rate, I maintain that New York Mag needs some new writers and some new ideas. I'm tired of reading about rich people and their rich problems. God, I can feel the rage of the creative underclass surging within me as I write this.


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